Asociación Empresarial de Negocios e Inversiones HISPANO - IRANÍ SPANISH - IRANIAN Association of Business & Investment انجمن شرکتهای بازرگانی و سرمایه گذاری اسپانیا و ایران
Asociación Empresarial de Negocios e Inversiones HISPANO - IRANÍSPANISH - IRANIAN Association of Business & Investmentانجمن شرکتهای بازرگانی و سرمایه گذاری اسپانیا و ایران


Madrid, December 5 2017


Members of the Iranian business delegation leaded by the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Commerce Khosrowtaj, took part in a seminar of sectorial nature in the field of telecommunications infrastructure organized by IBERIRAN on December 5.


Research, technology transfer and cooperation in joint projects are a priority within the roadmap ratified the previous day in order to combine synergies between both parties.


With that effect, the representatives of the telecommunications companies were able to visit the facilities of the Tecnogetafe Technology Park. In the afternoon session, the collaborator of IBERIRAN in the technological area, Antonio Tornero reminded the Spanish companies the possibilities of a bilateral synergy. Next, after a presentation on the projects in technologies and telecommunications that are being developed in Iran, offered by Reza Panahirad, president of IBERIRAN, a round table was held, moderated by the latter, where both Iranian and Spanish companies exchanged impressions and laid the foundations for future collaborations.

Madrid, December 4 2017


On the occasion of the visit of the Iranian business delegation on 4 December 2017, led by the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Commerce and Chairman of the Trade Promotion Center Mojtaba Khosrowtaj, a bilateral Joint Economic Commission has been held at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness in Madrid.


It is intended to continue in this way with the roadmap defined in Iran in August 2016, during a sectoral committee established for economic relations between both countries for a five-year program between 2016-2021.


Joint collaboration projects have been established within the sectors of energy (gas, oil, petrochemical, renewable energy), technology, industry and mining, tourism, banking and finance, agriculture and infrastructure, supervised by specific committees for each of the mentioned sectors.


The road map was on the agenda of both countries for its implementation, now signed by Deputy Minister Khosrowtaj and Marisa Puncela, its Spanish counterpart, in order to ratify the economic collaboration between Spain and Iran.


Madrid, June 21 2017


IBERIRAN Spanish-Iranian Association of Business & Investment, represented by its president Reza Panahirad,  and the Official College of Commercial Agents of Albacete (COAC AB), represented by its general secretary Antonio Tornero, sign a collaboration agreement, following the visit of a delegation of the IBERIRAN Association to the province of Castile-La Mancha on Tuesday 13 June.


The signing of this agreement aims to boost Spanish-Iranian collaboration in commercial and economic operations, to meet the expectations of Albacete province to identify products and services to meet the demand of the Iranian market.


Thus, both entities are planning commercial missions and bilateral business meetings in order  to enter the international Iranian market.



Barcelona, November 16 2016


Presence of IBERIRAN in iWater International Exhibition of the Integral Water Cycle  which took place on 15, 16, 17 November, in  Barcelona. Reza Panahirad, president of IBERIRAN, participated in the Tech Hub with the talk "Iran's water situation. Business Opportunities for Sustainability".


Iran is currently experiencing hydric stress due to drought and the notable decrease in rainfall of around 50% in the last ten years. Reza Panahirad pointed to the need to recover Iran's experience in the water market to regulate and manage its distribution and consumption.


During his talk, he recalled how in the 1st millennium BC. a system of pipelines and tunnels, the so-called qanats, was created. Qanats maintained and distributed water from the hills and underground wells.


For the sustainability of this precious resource, it is necessary to invest in water treatment, irrigation technology, desalination plants, transfer of technology to convert wastewater, renew the infrastructure of canals and pipes. For this reason IBERIRAN, with the occasion of the iWater International Exhibition, took the opportunity to present the plans of efficiency and management for the water use and also projects of investment in the technology related to the water resources of Iran.


Sevilla, October 26  2016


"Iran market and opportunities for the Andalusian companies" conference, organized by the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda), was attended by various authorities and also by IBERIRAN Spanish-Iranian Association of Business & Investment.


The event took place on October 26 in the auditorium of the Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, in Sevilla, with the aim to identify business opportunities in Iran among companies in diverse sectors of the Region of Andalusia.


During the event, Ambassador of I. R. Iran, Mr. Mohammad Hassan Fadaifard, analyzed the current situation in Iran and the market opportunities in the country. Regarding the situation in Iran following the agreement, Ambassador also analyzed the investment guarantees provided by the government and the benefits of foreign investment. The Regional Minister of Economy and Knowledge of Andalusia, Mr. Antonio Ramirez de Arellano highlighted the "excessive dependence on exports to the European Union and the need for openness to new markets such as Iran".


President of IBERIRAN, Mr. Reza Panahirad, took this subject on business opportunities and investment market of Iran in various sectors: petrochemicals and gas; renewable energy and water treatment; transport and communication infrastructure; agroindustry; healthcare industry and tourism. President of IBERIRAN also covered the existing regulations in Iran that provide protection to foreign investors (FIPPA) as well as bilateral regulations in force between Spain and Iran. Mr. Panahirad also talked about the reentry of Iran in the international financial market through the reconnection to the SWIFT system.


In addition, Mr. Panahirad stressed the importance of an appropriate methodology to penetrate the Iran market. In this sense, the director of Augeo Co., Mr. Juan Alvarez, shared his own experience and vision about the entry into the Iranian market.


The conference ended with the intervention by Ms. María José Hernando, Head of Unit Country Risk CESCE, who noted the restoration of creditable coverage to Iran from January 2016. Iranian excellence capacity and willingness to pay despite years of sanctions was expressed by the CESCE representative.


Madrid, July 27 2016


On the occasion of the inauguration of the new headquarters of IBERIRAN, a meeting took place between the Executive Board and associate members. This new center gives a new boost to the IBERIRAN bilateral projects and also to the creation of synergies involving all its members in the development of commercial projects.




The architecture reflects and shapes the Iranian identity. The new architectural trend has focused on integrate modern design with the purely Iranian inspiration, with an own and eclectic character.


Effective and intelligent designs are outstanding for the the seasonal climate adaptation and the functional lines. The Sharifi-ha house, designed by Alireza Taghaboni, with rotating room in accordance with the cold winters and hot summers of Tehran.


Iranian architects have tended to associate their designs with the history and culture of Iran. In fact, the traditional Iranian architecture has a great potential and its value is still applied to new architectural technologies.


In Iranian architecture, scientific, traditional and spiritual criteria are combined with the application of new technologies.


In the sample can be seen most recent examples of the new Iranian architecture, as the Tabiat bridge, the longest bridge in Iran -270 metres long-, designed by Leila Araghian.

























The traditional image of the bazaar is usually associated with the Iranian market. However, these large shopping centers have emerged as major competitors in the sphere of consumption. In the last years more than 400 shoping malls have been built  -65 of them in Tehran-. 


These shopping centers have led new consumer habits among the Iranian population. Demand is potential and is significantly increased in a market of over 80 million inhabitants.


In these centers is emphasized its innovative architecture and the creation of a dynamic space, highlighting the movement and the consumption through its proportions and lines.


In them can be found an extensive collection of international and domestic fashion, cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, appliances brands. As well as coffee shops, Meetings Rooms and Conference Venues.


Iranian population is looking for variety and wide range of brands.


Significantly, two of the largest malls in the world are in Iran, in the cities of Isfahan and Shiraz.




Madrid, July 12 2016


The "Infrastructure Plans in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Prospects for Engineering, Consulting and Construction" conference organized by TECNIBERIA was held at the headquarters of the CEOE. 

During the session opportunities and infrastructure plans in Iran were presented to the Spanish companies. President of TECNIBERIA, Juan Lema, encouraged Spanish companies "to have a more effective presence in Iran" given "the quality and ability to promote technology transfer of Spanish companies". Ambassador of the I.R. of Iran Mr. Fadaifard presented the friendly Spanish-Iranian relationship that has always existed between the two countries. In this regard, Isaac Martin Barbero, General Director of Business Internationalisation (ICEX) said that the first step to strengthen the business relationship is "listen, learn, adapt and finance".

In this act Reza Panahirad, President of IBERIRAN, presented the characteristics of the Iranian market and infrastructure projects that demand the transfer of technology and engineering services and construction.Renewable energy projects were highlighted: solar, wind, geothermal and biomass to reduce dependence on oil consumption, which currently accounts for 90% of total energy consumption.

Also in waste-water treatment, Iran is seeking for  technology collaboration for the following projects:desalination plants, equipment for wastewater reuse, hydropower stations, dams, irrigation and drainage system. To increase the rail network and the installation of high-speed lines has been established with the aim to improve terrestrial infrastructure. 

Given the geographical position of Iran, Iranian government seeks to establish two major rail corridors linking, through Iran, the Persian Gulf and India with Central Asia, on one hand. And Europe with China, on the other, recovering the old Silk Road connection.

Also commercial flights and collaboration in the construction and expansion of airports is another important goal to modernize the air network.
President of IBERIRAN also pointed out to the creation of new cities and sustainable cities and construction management through automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). Recalling, however, that to enter the Iranian market is necessary to have the advice of an expert agent in the region, commercial services provided by IBERIRAN.

Madrid, June 20, 2016


IBERIRAN and IFEMA-Feria de Madrid have signed a collaboration agreement to promote international relations with Iran in the area of international fairs.

IFEMA has a wide fair schedule that covers virtually all economic sectors and also has experience working with international operators. Currently, IBERIRAN works with IFEMA to foster collaboration together with Iranian institutions to expand the horizons of promotion and management of the trade fair and exhibition centers.

Madrid, June 7, 2016


IBERIRAN together with the associated member AUGEO have been engaged by the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (EXTENDA) to carry out a market study on Iran.

In this analysis the current priority areas that offer business opportunities for the Spanish companies would be considered, with particular reference to Andalusian companies. This study seeks to improve a smoothly Spanish-Iranian trade relationship and also to expose the accessibility to the Iranian market.

Tehran, May 9, 2016


The Spanish Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García-Legaz, has made an official visit to Iran with the aim of strengthening the bilateral trade and investment relationship. During his stay García-Legaz met with Iranian government authorities and visited the 21st International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition-Iran Oil Show in Tehran.


García-Legaz highlighted the opportunities in the engineering field and encouraged Spanish companies to participate in joint projects in Iran. The Oil&Gas, automotive, infrastructure and tourism sectors offer considerable and potential prospects for Spanish companies.

A MoU for economic cooperation is also planned, including the creation of a Spanish-Iranian commission to strengthen economic and trade relations.

Madrid, April 8 2016


Iran, international investment objective.



Isfahan, December 18 2015


The agribusiness sector is one of the most important in the Iranian economy. 25% of Iran's surface is arable land and because of its geographical position and climate can be set both dry farming and crop irrigation. This sector provides attractive investment opportunities.

The Spanish company AGC has visited Iran, advised by the President of Iberiran, to get to know the investment projects in the agribusiness sector. During the trade mission bilateral meetings have been held with official representatives of agricultural and investment organizations of Isfahan and East Azerbaijan-Tabriz. Regulations to support and promote foreign investment in Iran was presented and various projects in both provinces were also visited.

There are different possibilities of bilateral cooperation in product distribution and installation of greenhouses and new technologies applied to the sector.

 Madrid, November 19 2015


IBERIRAN Spanish-Iranian Association of Business & Investment has been formally presented in Madrid at an event where the firm objective of the Association to promote trade relations and investment projects in the Spanish-Iranian bilateral framework was expressed.

The meeting welcomed a diplomatic delegation from the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as representation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain and of Casa Asia Madrid. Participants of the business sphere interested in strengthening trade relations were also present.

President of IBERIRAN, Reza Panahirad stressed "the need to encourage business-to-business relationships between the two countries to promote a further rapprochement between companies".

During the presentation event the potential investment opportunities in Iran - as a business destination-  were also highlighted.

H. E. Mr. Mohammad Hassan Fadaifard, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran  emphasized the advantages of working in Iran and encouraged "Spanish companies to act quickly, positioning and signing pre-agreements".

IDOM, Spanish company set in Iran, through its representative in the country, Guillermo Larrea, presented his business experience in Iran. The Spanish ability to work closely with Iranian companies was highlighted by Juan Lema, president of Tecniberia. Francisco Maroto, partner at Cuatrecasas, analyzed the Spanish-Iranian legal systems.

IBERIRAN official presentation stressed the current economic situation and the good conditions to develop joint business projects between Spain and Iran.

Tehran, September 10 2015


After the signing of the agreement between Iran and the countries of the 5+1 group (US, France, China, Russia, UK and Germany), the recent trip of the Spanish ministers to Iran aims to boost bilateral ties between Spain and Iran, focusing on the economic area. Is seeks to recover the traditional ties of friendship that have joined both countries economically and commercially.

In Iran there are potential business opportunities in which Spain could participate and also there are sectors of interest such as infrastructures, energy, tourism and automotive industry.

Together with the Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, Development Ana Pastor and Industry Jose Manuel Soria, a Spanish business delegation had the opportunity to participate in a business networking forum at the Chamber of Commerce in Tehran, which IBERIRAN was also present.

The Minister of Industry Jose Manuel Soria stressed the business opportunities offered by the Iranian market and the mutual benefits of the resumption of bilateral relations between Spain and Iran. Also Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, Foreign Minister, emphasized the role that both countries can play as partnerts thanks to the privileged geographical areas and economic capabilities.


Tehran, April 14, 2015


With the objective of promoting collaboration between European and Iranian companies, Reza Panahirad, President of IBERIRAN met with the President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, Thibault Normand, during the trade mission to Iran.

This meeting aims to promote business opportunities offered by Iran through the initiative of IBERIRAN Spanish-Iranian Association of Business & Investment. And also includes the signing of a cooperation agreement between the two business institutions.

During the meeting the President of IBERIRAN submitted the possibilities of the country and facilitated direct meetings between companies.


Tehran, April 14, 2015


Between 10-14 April IBERIRAN has led an European trade mission to Iran. This mission reflects the priority that from Europe was being doing to resume contacts with Iran and the initiative of European companies to position themselves as partners and investors, establishing negotiations, signing cooperation agreements and pre-agreements between companies.


The agenda was developed by the president of IBERIRAN Reza Panahirad. There have been held positive meetings with companies of different sectors, in particular raw materials; energy and new technologies, concluding with pre-arrangements.


IBERIRAN have always encouraged and stressed that companies have to travel to Iran in order to have a vision of the real Iran behind the sanctions and check the technological progress made by Iran, encouraging and regulating economic relations.


The European delegation was attended by the President of the Spanish-Iranian Association of Business and Investment, Reza Panahirad and the President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, Thibault Normand, and business representatives from England and Latvia. The agenda was organized by IBERIRAN and during the trade mission meetings have been held with Iranian state agencies and private companies.


Iran offers wide business and investments opportunities to European companies, because its energy resources, demographic growth and highly qualified professionals.

Madrid, January 26, 2015


On the occassion of the business meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, a bilateral agreement was signed between both Chambers of Commerce - Tehran and Spain -. Meetings were also made in order to bringing companies from both countries more closer. During the meetings the President of IBERIRAN Reza Panahirad and the Vice President Jesús Morales were able to talk to M. R. Najafi Manesh, member of the Board of Directors of Iranian Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (IAPMA) about some issues of collaboration.


Madrid, January 26, 2015


The Chambers of Commerce of Spain and Tehran have signed a bilateral cooperation agreement between the two countries.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce, Yahya al Eshagh, stressed that Spain and Iran have maintained and have bilateral relations and common interests for decades. Despite the restrictions Iran has emerged as a great power, while the volume of trade between Spain and Iran has continued.

Thus during the business meeting has been emphasised the business opportunities for collaboration between both countries.

The event was also attended by the Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García.Legaz, who recalled the existence of bilateral agreements between Spain and Iran. He also talked about the effort and the challenge to business people to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Iran.

Madrid, December 2, 2014


INFEBEX is presented with the aim of promoting foreign trade.

The official presentation was attended by representatives of members associations of this Federation, IBERIRAN among them and its President Reza Panahirad.

The President of INFEBEX stressed the geographical importance of Spain to strengthen the cultural, political and economic ties with Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

The event was also attended the representation of the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Iran in Madrid that encouraged Spanish companies to participate and engage in joint projects with Iran.

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