Asociación Empresarial de Negocios e Inversiones HISPANO - IRANÍ SPANISH - IRANIAN Association of Business & Investment انجمن شرکتهای بازرگانی و سرمایه گذاری اسپانیا و ایران
Asociación Empresarial de Negocios e Inversiones HISPANO - IRANÍSPANISH - IRANIAN Association of Business & Investmentانجمن شرکتهای بازرگانی و سرمایه گذاری اسپانیا و ایران

Commercial Services

IBERIRAN has an extensive experience providing international advisory services to institutions and business companies.


The business support and information services of IBERIRAN are aimed at those Iranian and Spanish companies who want to improve their Business Plan and also to introduce their products or services and to know the respectives markets.


Our knowledge of Iran and Spain and their markets as well as the contacts established with representatives, industry associations and institutions active in the trade and industry between Iran and Spain improve this approach and this development.


IBERIRAN provides several services to the companies who want to enter in the Spanish-Iranian markets: 

Strategic Consultancy

B2B - Business to Business

Foreign Trade Advice

Market Research & Business Studies

Export and Import Trade Advice   

Company registration in the country of destination ( Iran and Spain )

Business Plan

 Trade Missions

Business Platforms and Networking

Market Internationalisation

Business Specialized Courses, Seminars, Workshops and Congresses

International Trade Fairs

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