Asociación Empresarial de Negocios e Inversiones HISPANO - IRANÍ SPANISH - IRANIAN Association of Business & Investment انجمن شرکتهای بازرگانی و سرمایه گذاری اسپانیا و ایران
Asociación Empresarial de Negocios e Inversiones HISPANO - IRANÍSPANISH - IRANIAN Association of Business & Investmentانجمن شرکتهای بازرگانی و سرمایه گذاری اسپانیا و ایران

 تقویم نمایشگاه بین المللی 

  تقویم نمایشگاه مادرید 

FITUR -  International Tourism Trade Fair

18-22 Jan

PROMOGIFT - International Promotional Gift Trade Fair

24-26 Jan

BISUTEX - International Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Trade Fair

1-5 Feb

INTERGIFT -  International Gift & Decoration Fair 

1-5 Feb

MADRIDJOYA - International Urban and Trendy Jewellery and Watch Exhibition Fair 

1-5 Feb

MOMAD METRÓPOLIS  -  International Fashion and Accessories Trade Show

3-5 Feb

JAPAN WEEKEND MADRID - Manga, Anime and Japanese Culture Fair

11-12 Feb


16-21 Feb

INTERSICOP - International Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream and Coffee Show     19-21 Feb
NUTRACEUTICALS Europe - The event of functional ingredients and novel ingredients     22-23 Feb

ARCO MADRID - International Contemporary Art Fair

22-26 Feb

CLIMATIZACIÓN Y REFRIGERACIÓN - C&R - International HVAC & R Exhibition 28 Feb -3 Mar
GENERA - Energy and Enviroment International Trade Fair 28 Feb -3 Mar
HydroSenSoft - International Symposium and Exhibition on Hydro Enviroment Sensors and Software 28 Feb -3 Mar
SIGA - Trade Fair for Innovative Water Management Solutions  28 Feb -3 Mar
Tecnova-Piscinas - Technology and Innovation Trade Show for Aquatic Installations 28 Feb -3 Mar
FARMAFORUM + CosmeticaForum - Forum Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Laboratory Technology      1-2 Mar
SPAIN SKILLS      1-3 Mar
AULA - International Educational Opportunities Exhibition      1-5 Mar
EXPOLEARNING - International Congress & Professional Fair      2-3 Mar
RECUSOS PARA LA EDUCACIÓN - INTERDIDAC International Educational Equipment and Teaching Resources Show      2-4 Mar
MOMAD SHOES - International Footwear and Accessories Trade Show      4-6 Mar
WATM Congress - The largest Air Traffic Management Exhibition and Industry Forum in the World      7-9 Mar
HOMSEC -Security and Defense International Exhibition    14-16 Mar
MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID - Spain´s Leading International Trade Fair for Automotive Industry Targeting Trade Visitors from the Iberiran Peninsula, Latin America and North Africa      15 - 18 Mar
IBERZOO + PROPET - Pet Industry Trade Fair    16 - 18 Mar
CINEGÉTICA  -  Spain’s Hunting and Fishing Show    16 - 19 Mar
ALMONEDA  - Antiques, Art Galleries and Collectors Fair 25 Mar-2 Apr
FERIA INTERNACIONAL DEL JUEGO - International Gaming and Gambling Trade Show     28-30 Mar

WORLD OLIVE OIL EXHIBITION - The International Meeting for Large Volumes of Olive Oil  

29-30 Mar

EXPOFRANQUICIA  - International Franchising Trade Fair     20-22 Apr
UNIGOLF  - The Golf Show     20-22 Apr
EXPODEPOR - Sports Fair     21-22 Apr
Héroes Manga  Madrid - Where Heroes Meet     22-23 Apr
SALÓN DE GOURMETS  - International Fine,  Food and Beverage Fair     24-27 Apr

OmExpo by Futurizz - Digital Marketing, e-Commerce & Digital Business

26-27 Apr

SPORT WOMAN 1st Health, Women and Sports Expo

5-6 May

15th World Congress of the EAPC - European Association for Paliative Care

18-20 May


19-28 May

DES 2017 - DIGITAL BUSINESS WORDL CONGRESS The Digital Transformation Global Leadind Event

23-25 May

FIAA International Bus and Coach Trade Fair

23-26 May

SIMA  - Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition

25-28 May

GYM Factory - The Trade Show for Fitness and Sport Facilities

26-27 May

100 x 100 MASCOTA  - Madrid Pet Fair

27-28 May

54th ERA-EDTA CONGRESS - European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association

3-6 Jun

EULAR 2017 CONGRESS - European League Against Rheumatism

14-17 Jun

22nd Congress of EHA - European Hematology Association

21-25 Jun

GamerGy - E-sports & Gaming Festival

23-25 Jun

MULAFEST  -  Urban Life & Arts Festival

30 Jun -2 Jul

2017 FDI Annual World Dental Congress - World Dental Federation

29 Aug -1 Sep

MOMAD METRÓPOLIS  -  International Fashion and Accessories Trade Show

1-3 Sep

ESMO 2017 Congress - European Society for Medical Oncology

8-12 Sep


15-19 Sep

ePower & Building THE SUMMIT - 1st European Summit of Building, Liveability, Economy and Management       20-21 Sep
BISUTEX  -  International Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Trade Fair      20-24 Sep
INTERGIFT - International Gift & Decoration Fair      20-24 Sep
MADRIDJOYA   -  International Urban and Trendy Jewellery and Watch Exhibition Fair      20-24 Sep

UNIBIKE -  International Bicycle Fair

21-24 Sep

MOMAD SHOES - International Footwear and Accessories Trade Show

22-24 Sep


22-24 Sep

JAPAN WEEKEND MADRID Manga, Anime and Japanese Culture Fair

30 Sep -1 Oct

BIT Experience - International AV Technology Forum

4-5 Oct

EXPOCECOFERSA Industrial Hardware Trade Meeting

4-5 Oct

LIBER International Book Fair

4-6 Oct

26th EAO Scientific Meeting 2017 European Association for Osseointegration  

5-7 Oct

PUERICULTURA MADRID  -  International Childhood Products Trade Show  

5-8 Oct

FRUIT ATTRACTION -  International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

18-20 Oct

MEAT ATTRACTION - The Trade Show for the Meat Industry

18-20 Oct

VENDIBÉRICA International Vending Trade Show 

18-20 Oct

EAT2GO The Southern Europe Show for the Takeaway&Delivery Industry

18-20 Oct

TRAFIC International Safe and Sustainable Mobility Exhibition       24-27 Oct
SIMO EDUCACIÓN Learning Technology Exhibition         25-27 Oct
1001 BODAS Exhibition of Products and Services for Celebrations      27-29 Oct

SIMA OTOÑO  -  Madrid Real Estate Exhibition Autumn

27-29 Oct

SALÓN LOOK  -  The International Image and Integral Aesthetics Exhibition

3-5 Nov

EMPACK - The Future of Packaging Technology  

7-8 Nov

LOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION  -  The Future of Material Handling, e-logistics, Distribution & Sytems

7-8 Nov

PACKAGING INNOVATION Madrid -The Future of Branded and Inspirational Packaging       7-8 Nov

BIOCULTURA - Organic Products Fair and Responsible Consumption

9-12 Nov

Héroes Cómic con Madrid - Where heroes meet     11-12 Nov
MetalMadrid   -  Madrid Industrial Fair     15-16 Nov

BEBÉS Y MAMÁS  - The Baby, New and Expectant Mothers Exhibition

18-19 Nov

FERIARTE   -  Art and Antiques Fair

18-26 Nov

JUVENALIA  -  Children and Young People Leisure Show

6-10 Dec

ALMONEDA Navidad  -  Antiques,  Art Galleries and Collectors Fair

13-17 Dec

GamerGy E-sports &Gaming Festival      15-17 Dec
RETROMÓVIL International Classic Motor Show      15-17 Dec

  تقویم نمایشگاه تهران

The 12th Robocup Iran Open (Competition & Symposium)

3-7 April

The 10th Int'l Exhibition of Exchange, Bank, Insurance     15-18 April
Iran Green Trade Fair     21-23 April
The 3rd Int'l Exhibition of Iran Project     24-27 April
The 4th National Laboratory Equipment & Chemicals Exhibition     23-26 April
The 24th Int’l Exhibition of Detergents, Cleanser, Hygienic, Cellulose Products & Machinery     24-27 April

The 22nd Intl Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition

6-9 May

The 20th Int’l Exhibition of Medical, Dental, Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Products

15-18 May

The 4th Int'l Exhibition of Rail Transportation, Related Industries & Equipment

15-18 May

The 4th Int'l Innovation Tech Exhibition

23-26 May

The 24th Agricultural, Food & Related Industries Trade Fair

30 May-2 Jun

The 15th Int’l Exhibition Of Kitchen, Bath, Sauna & Pool Industries & Equipment

30 Jun-3 Jul

The 24th Int’l Exhibition Of Tile, Ceramic & Sanitary Ware   30 Jun-3 Jul

The 6th international Exhibition of Elevators, Industrial & Related Equipment

10-12 Jul

The 9th Int’l Exhibition of Stone, Mining, Machinery & Related Equipment

10-13 Jul

The 23th Int’l Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E-Commerce

 21-24 Jul

The 26th Int'l Exhibition of Home Furniture (Hofex)

30 Jul-2 Aug

The 17th Int’l Exhibition Of Building & Construction Industry

12-15 Aug

The 26th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition

23-29 Aug

The 9th Floor Covering, Moquette, Machine Made Carpet & Related Industries Exhibition

4-7 Sep

The 23th Int’l Exhibition of Textile Machinery, Raw Materials, Home Textile, Embroidery Machines & Textile Products

4-7  Sep

The 15th Iran Int’l Confectionery Fair

15-18  Sep

The 7th Int’l Exhibition Of Beverage, Tea, Coffee & Related Industries

15-18  Sep

The 11th Iran Int’l Exhibition of Iran Plast

24-27  Sep

The 15th Iran Int’l Confectionery Fair

13-16  Sep

The 17th Tehran Int'l Industry Exhibition & Nanotechnology         6-9 Oct
The 17th Int’l Exhibition Paint, Resin, Industrial Co        6-9 Oct
The 13th Iran Int’l Water & Wastewater Exhibition     16-19 Oct

The 18th Int’l Exhibition of Telecommunications, Information Technology & Solutions

16-19 Oct

The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Installation (Heating, Cooling, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigerating)

25-28  Oct

The 4th Int'l Exhibition of Bags, Shoes, Leather & Related Industry

25-28  Oct

The 17th Iran Int’l Electricity Exhibition       4-7 Nov
The 13th Int’l Exhibition of Mine, Mining, Construction Machinery & Related Equipment       4-7 Nov

The 12th Auto Parts Int’l Exhibition

 13-16 Nov

The first International Exhibition of Halal protein products and related industries     13-16 Nov
The 17th Iran Int’l Exhibition of Household Appliances     25-28 Nov
The 11th Int’l Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (Ibex 2017)     25-28 Nov
The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock, Dairy and Related Industries       4-7 Dec

The 13th Int’l Exhibition of Metallurgy

4-7 Dec

The 18th Exhibition of Research and Technological Achievements     15-18 Dec
The 24th Int’l Exhibition of Printing, Packing & Related Machinery     15-18 Dec

The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services

24-27 Dec

The 13th Int’l Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing & Related Industries  5-8 Jan 2018
The 11th Int’l Exhibition of goods, services & equipment stores and chain stores  5-8 Jan 2018
The 8th Int'l Exhibition of Architecture, Modern House & Interior Design    13-16 Jan           2018

The 9th Doors & Windows Technology Int’l Exhibition

 22-25 Jan 2018

The 10th Int'l Exhibition of Tourism & Related Industry

2-5 Feb 2018

The 2tnd Int’l Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Inputs and irrigation Modern Systems

2-5 Feb 2018

The 16th Int'l Exhibition of Accesories & Furnitures´s Machineries, Equipment & Related Industries 

12-15 Feb 2018

The 17th Int’l Exhibition Of Environment    24-27 Feb          2018

The 9th Int'l Exhibition of Renewable Energy Exhibition

24-27 Feb 2018

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